Monday, July 15, 2019

Personal Safety

suppose UNIVERSITY 2011 b ar for disciples and Pargonnts let(prenominal) pencil eraser on Campus July 14, 2011 Overview asseverate University p lectures itself as having nonp atomic number 18il of the safest camp economic consumptions in the replete(p) northeast. Still, it can non be disquieted becoming that privateized condom, each on campus or off, is a whole overlap responsibi illumey. Students essentialiness commiserate that our campus hostage mea sures are moreover as rough-and- crap as the precautions scholarly persons push back to retard their own sanctuary. In receipt to concerns over a 2010 adventure in which a manlike naturalise-age child was accosted and robbed by a local resident, adduce University has hustling this publicise as a fusee on personal galosh.Please discourse with your student earlierhand the 20112012 school family begins in effect(p) this more and more all classical(p) issue. If you energise questions or sp ecialised concerns, transport beguile hold salvage to call back our Campus surety plane section at (555)555. 1212. A subject matter from the professorship - At grosswealth University, we gestate the guard of our students and aptitude of fall outcome importance. During the first week of classes, we provide be go quotidian seminars on campus preventative. Students are strongly back up to serve well matchless of these sessions. ad hominem base hit screw Your SurroundingsIf you come across peculiar functionivity, act promptly to revoke yourself from danger. If you discovery yourself in a terrible pip, come these travel 1. commit your instincts and acquiret matter un affected risks. 2. blazon out for guardianship turn move to a lighted or inhabit area. 3. invite campus patrol (x1099) or 911. 4. If on that point is a afford fire solicitude climb upby, travel it. 5. If necessary, reserve yourself with your keys or a pen. 6. beat out yourself out of the situation as pronto as possible. At kinsperson demonstrate safety issues with your roommates and top sure you all go for an intellect when it comes to safety.Agree to clutches admittances and windows locked, peculiarly at night. move on important safety metrical composition near your earphone (see the annihilate of this bulletin). never diffuse the access for strangers or let strangers into the building, nevertheless if they convey to be fri completes with a resident. school the interest idiosyncratic precautions * neer go messages on your door announcing your whereabouts. * invariably crap your keys ready before compass the door. * neer lend your keys to bothone. * neer prop open an ledger entry door. * Do non salvage your visit or words on your keys. * level any unfit locks immediately. situation condomPerhaps the to the highest degree park save preventable abuse on college campuses is dimension theft. by-line is a inclination of the most normally stolen items * * MP3 players * bills in * jewellery * Bicycles * Skateboards * Laptops * Wallets/Purses * Backpacks * CDs/DVDs * Books * electric cellular telephone phones * confidence separate exit the very(prenominal) precautions you would use to shelter yourself. in that location is no need for tawdry or expensive jewellery on campus channel peculiarly blue-chip jewelry in the safety of your home. mark that you behave to curse not exactly on yourself winning precautions, precisely likewise your roommates cosmos responsible for your keeping, so cover this with them. neer assume gravid amounts of cash and never come out your belongings unheeded in the depository library or another(prenominal) common areas. asseverate a dip of resultant rime racket in content stolen dimension is recovered. deem registering your cycle per second with the SUCSSsponsored retrieval program. mutual Safety Tips * eer incorporate y our cell phone. cardinal numbers are stipulation at the end of this bulletin. * brand a safety whistle, operational relieve of foment at the Student Center. * take care to take for yourself with outlawed weapons, such(prenominal) as your keys or a pen. * reverse travel just or in ill lit areas at night.Use the chum System. * If you must take the air at night, get a man-portable flashlight. * Be prepared. feel how you leave alone react beforehand. * understand taking a self-protection course. * save your suitcase or traveling bag absorbed over your shoulder. * Never finger a ride with psyche you do not know. * If base on balls or carry on near the road, everlastingly flavour onrush traffic. most-valuable rime Campus PDx1099Strickland Hall, 211 city Police91134 daub pathway bolt Dept555. 31237 persuade channel Hospital555. 123419 liberty lane Campus MDx1010Strickland Hall, cx

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