Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Theory of Cognitive Dissonance & apply it on abortion in USA.2 Research Paper

Theory of Cognitive Dissonance & apply it on abortion in USA.2 - Research Paper Example (Chasek, 2010) Further understanding needs to be established on the theory to bring out the idea that this is a theory that is basically adopted form social psychology. From the title, individuals with basic knowledge on Psychology can draw out the conclusion that that cognitive stands for the mind or the process of thinking while dissonance stands for conflict or inconsistency. From this point it is safe to say that cognitive dissonance comes as a result of psychological conflict arising from upholding two or more parallel beliefs that work in an incompatible mode. This theory has been embraced by the experts in many fields by molding it to fit into their own requirements. An example is in the field of communication alongside various other disciplines. . (McLeod, 2008). This theory is quite the famous one because it manages to displace all forms of previous engagements in form of conditioning by completely viewing as rather purposeful decision makers by majorly opting to balance the beliefs. The mind should therefore be conditioned in such a way that in case one is presented with decision making situations that create dissonance, then one is supposed to apply strategies of dissonance reduction so as to basically regain relevant equilibrium mostly in situations whereby the decision making would have great effect on the self esteem of the individual involved. (Barker, 2003) The theory of dissonance applies in various situations that involve the change of attitude and its formation. The theory has the capability of manipulating individuals to embrace certain behaviors so as to influence the people to change their own attitudes. This quality makes the theory and the thoughts around it relevant for problem solving and decision making. A real life situation as an example is a situation whereby a driver holds on to the beliefs that he does not require seat belts when driving. Then the reality dawns on him when he gets the news that a friend had an accident and lost h is life simply because he had no seat belt on. The dissonance of this driver may possibly be reduced by actually completely altering behavior and hence starting to apply the use of the seat belt because he now finds it necessary to avoid impending implications that may rise if he doesn’t use it. The driver can also embrace the idea that he needs to find an alternative since his hatred for the seat belts in general could still be outstanding. Then he may seek relevant information on available alternatives in the market and fall for the airbags. Therefore the impetus to actually bring dissonance down majorly relies on the amount or magnitude of the held dissonance (McLeod, 2008). The dissonance in us is mostly always important and stronger when we have a belief about something that we hold dear but we go ahead and do something completely parallel to that belief. An example is when we believe that somebody is good, the he goes on to do something that is really bad, then what we have in the mind is cognitive dissonance that results in the kind of discomfort we feel from the entire idea. Dissonance will increase perpendicularly with the level of importance that we give to a certain subject, the strength by which the two conflicting feelings or thought feel the parallel forces against each

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How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs and Be Able to Create Essay

How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs and Be Able to Create Strategies to Increase Personal Networking - Essay Example The decision to accept the contract will lead to a decision to employ extra 100 workers in order to cope with new conditions of work. Donna (2008, P. 205) claim that the desire to diversify the business may lead to evaluation of resources to be used to pay the extra employees. Since, the business was operating before with 50 employees that show financial decision will be required to solve the problem. The business will make pricing decision of the services offered to customer in order to cater for the payment of the extra employees, and the extra hours that the workers will work will be required to be financed. It will not be easy to make some decision like that of pricing because it will bring conflict from customers who will be also affected in case the management opts to increase the price of services. To employee the additional workers, the management will be required to determine the availability of the potential candidate. The business should make sure to follow up the socializ ation of the new workers into the venture to ensure the decisions success. Lack of inadequate space to accommodate extra workers and the issue lease, the management should make a decision operate in shift for the time being as they wait to solve the issue of a lease and space. This move will be difficult to manage, but every business with an aim to maximize profit should be ready to accommodate risks involved with urgent decisions making. The management should evaluate the productivity of the contract to ascertain if it will meet the decision made to accommodate the venture in order to enhance the profitability. (P1.2) To ensure effectiveness of the new contract the framework within which these decisions making can be incorporated must be identified. The management should gather enough information on the viability of the contract depending on the current situation of the business. Past knowledge of the revenue trend of the services should be required in order to forecast the possibi lity revenue of the new venture. The profit trend will ascertain whether the customers should increase the price of services or reduce the wages of the employees in order to employee extra 100 workers to accommodate the operation. Before accepting the contract, the outsourced call centre should use digital media like facebook and the internet to search for the financial position of the Samsung. The management should be aware of the agreement and conditions of the lease term to avoid causing problems that would affect the operation. It should know if it is at position to renew the lease terms to continue operating on the same premises, or it has to relocate. According to the current situation of the business renewing the lease will not solve the problem of the inadequacy of the space but it will cause congestion. It should search for new premises to relocate so that the extra equipment can be accommodated that will enhance the productivity due to the maximization of the resources. (P 1.3) The decision taking requires the company to research both internal and external sources of information and understanding. According to John and Claudia (2005, P. 45), the availability of the internal data of the past performance makes possible for the business to extract accurate and complete knowledge. Evaluating these data will help the business to tell if it at position to employee extra employees given the unlimited space of