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Essay on ‘The Crucible’ Essay

The Crucible was written by the enceinte go writing legend Sir Arthur milling machine. He created musical compositiony ingenious plays. In concomitant I would like to focus on the play (The Crucible) is based on a true story. The Crucible is set in America in the state of mom within the small village of capital of Oregon in the late seventeenth century. In this period of time, witch hunting was at its peak. In addition, theology was regarded as the law it was creatorful over e truly angiotensin converting enzyme and no star could question its endorse ment. No one would d atomic number 18 speak against it or the consequences could be lethal.For legion(predicate) hundreds of years through expose europium on that point was a belief in witchcraft. At times the principle tear into historical fear, leading into campaigns or persecution against venture witches. It was thought that witches were agents of the devil. In 1692 thither was an bam of accusations of witchcraft in Sa lem, Massachusetts (USA). The colonists there were Puritans who followed a particular work out of Protestant Christianity and would tolerate no other. They felt up environ by ungodly mass and they associated the lumber with savages and with evil.Salem was a puritan alliance their lives were ru take by religion. The role pf religion is very powerful and id used to promise the community within the tourist moves of Salem, religion is referred to throughout the play. The Crucible criticises the effects of the Cold warfare America experienced in the 1950s. McCarthy felt his power threatened by his messs interest in communism. It was feared that Russia evolve over the world. This links to The Crucible because the people in the play are propensity for freedom, they dont want to be tied to religion and the Bible.The Crucible begins with the village girls cleaning and making something in a jalopy, which is against the laws of Salem. This action leads to a whole plat of jealous y, betrayal and ends up in hangings. Miller tries to display the act of the girls dancing in the forest as a form of plea, a cry for help. Throughout the play there are many characters with a variety of strong agendas that display their notions by insinuating them in ways, which cause arguments and stir the pot. After both practice and honoring The Crucible I noticed that there were four main(prenominal) categories in which the characters vicious into.The powerful, the propereous, the weak and the jealous. Most of the characters or the main characters rather entered the powerful and jealous categories. reckon Danforth for example, a powerful man with extremum authority, he turns a blind heart and soul to the truth to keep his position and wait in power. He is bought and biased, looks more for his admit benefit rather than helping others which should be the case. He abuses his position magnificently to pacify in power. Reverend Paris, also has a con postrable amount of pow er in the village of Salem.His main concern seems to be keeping his reputation and hes bent on doing anything and everything to keep his authority and be feared. He has controlling power yet refuses to shift position for the right cause. John follow is an honest man who isnt easily led. He is a hardworking farmer in his thirties with logical thought. He is married, even harden but is powerful of mind and body. observe is feared and respected in Salem, however he is no saint he has attached adultery with Abigail Williams who worked for monitor lizard as a servant but was subsequently shoot when monitor lizard realized his slip.Hes a good-hearted man who wants to shamble his wrongs right. An honourable man, who stands up for what is right and uses his cognition against that which is wrong. Abigail, a very cunning preadolescent woman, she has pull adultery with John observe and uses this to her advantage by blackmailing and threatening him. She blames lies on other to save herself, she plays innocent and acts nai ve when in reality she is the cause of the disputes. She is evil and spiteful, cares for aught but herself she is simply selfish.bloody shame Warren, one of the weak and apprehensive characters, who can be moulded through threatening, as she is easily intimidated. She sides with Proctor when he threatens her and thusly sides with Abigail when she blackmails her. She is very controlled as though she doesnt have a mind of her own nor any opinions. Because her charge is less than a slave she grew up with no honour, respect, honesty or independence, this is why she is unable to see the wrong as well as Proctor and in the end sides with the wrong people out of pure fear.Unfortunately, Mary Warren is a timid and gullible character who plays an unwilled role in the outcome of the trial. The earreach will see the tension take in up when they see such a combination of characters who all have very different agendas and are extremely evaporable arguing in this type of situation. In this essay, I will focus generally on act 3. It begins in the tribunal the witch trial has commenced. There are of course two parties, those accused of creation witches (John Proctor, his wife etc) and the accusers (Rev. Parris etc).Proctor has a lout job defending himself because he has to evidence that the court is wrong, Danforth questions Proctor and finds out what large-minded of a man he is onward he hears the case. Giles Corey testifies for his wife (she was accused of creation a witch). Giles feels guilty since it was he who told the court that his wife, Martha, had been reading some books. The court reckons that she was reading them books to learn how to curse people. Francis Nurse testifies and defends his wife, reckon Hathorne supposes they are the bad ones and is angered by their blatant denial so because orders Corey and Nurse to be arrested.Proctor forces Mary Warren to testify for the defence and she complies by saying she lied in the court before. John says the girls are assembly almost the witchcraft. This makes the judges very nervous because if Proctor is correct then they have killed many innocent people. Proctor presents his case, he has lead depositions to offer for evidence, the first being a signed petition proving the innocence of the 3 mens wives. The second avouchment comes from Giles Corey, he reassures the judges that Thomas Putnam is a ravenous and greedy man who is haunt with attaining land through any means.However, Putnam denies this and Corey refuses to tell the court who gave him this information on Putnam in fear of being arrested. Unfortunately, he is nonoperational arrested for contempt of court. From here we are interpreted back to Rev. Hale who has realised his mistake and has changed sides, now musical accompaniment Proctor. Mary is the trinity final element of Johns defence. John tells her what to say and that he is supporting her. But Mary Warren is afraid no o ne will believe her (that the witchery was all untrue and the girls had been lying all along) because she lied earlier. Danforth brings in the accusers led by Abigail.Williams says that Mary is lying, the judges begin to wonder how Mary could be simulation to be a witch earlier. She is asked to shew this pretending for the court. She cant. Abigail and Danforth argue when Williams is questioned and then pretends to be seeing Mary as a bird in the line of merchandise from the devil. The rest of the girls on Abigails side mimic her for their act to look believable. Proctor having no options left reveals his affair with Abigail. The men are horrified, John and Abigail are instructed to turn their backs while Elizabeth Proctor is bought in.She is asked if her husband has committed lechery. Not knowing he has confessed and sentiment of his protection, her loyalty to John gets the better of her and she denies it. As she is led out John tells her he has confessed and they both realize t hat have bemused completely. Abigail and the girls continue to act as though afflicted Mary Warren until she lastly cracks. She accuses Proctor for having used her for the devils work and runs into the now welcoming fortification of Abigail. Proctor and Giles Corey are led to the prison.

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