Thursday, July 18, 2019

American Indian Education Essay

In this article the author argues that the American government should provide the Indian society the opportunity to create their own institution, for further education. He believes the American culture is being forced upon Indian society through education. Arthur C Parker believes in further education, as he himself is a no graduate from Dickinson Seminary. In his experience, Indian Students are being taught to assimilate to common American culture, while disregarding there own family tree. He states that by placing an Indian University, students would be granted the opportunity to further there education, as well as, the opportunity to embrace there own culture. Based upon Indian culture, Indians will be able to expand there education at a superior level, while never being forced to be similar to the white race. The American Indian wouldn’t be no less than an American, now be treated any differently, but he believed that the Indian had the opportunity to be granted the same education. Furthermore, he feels like no other Indian should be left out of the proper education they deserve. In conclusion, Arthur C. Parker strongly stands up for his believes, and does bend his head in shame, he is proud to be and Indian. Considering the time frame, 1913, where America is a developing nation of many cultures, the brining of a single race institution would cause a big controversy. America is known as the â€Å"Melting Pot†, where there is a variety of different cultures. To one, this article will seem to be talking back to American society. Parker has a strong believe and feels like this will improve the Indians education. I believe that he is so passionate for the American Indian University because he did not have the opportunity to complete his education, probably because he didn’t feel comfortable in his learning environment. In my perspective, this article is important, but nothing extraordinary from modern days, this issue continues with other races. The opportunity to have a single race intuition would’ve meant that every single race would have that same right, one has to be accustomed to what America is, as of today, a mixture of many cultures and beliefs. In my opinion, any student who believes, and want a higher education, will do so in any environment they are in.

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