Saturday, June 15, 2019

Urban Legends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Urban Legends - Essay ExampleThe lady of the house heartily denied that she had anything to do with the camera being lost, claiming her husband slipped and tossed the camera in to the Loch of his own accord. The consequent was still unresolved at pressure sensation time.The local sheriffs office along with the fire department has issued an advisory - be extremely careful of what is localise down drains and garbage disposals, as increasing reports are coming in of alligators coming prohibited of the sewers.I was just walking along Main Street, and thitherhesheitwas, gasped 89 year old lifelong resident Gladys Pichers. Ms. Pichers, a longtime member of the local community, claims that she saw a six-foot alligator crawl out of the sewers.The sheriffs department, though they were reluctant at first, soon received three more telephone calls about the problem of the reptilian sewer infestation. One woman, who intercommunicate on condition of anonymity, has told the Outcry that she wa s accosted by an 8-foot alligator across town.Whether both women saw the same alligator or not was unclear as of press time. It is also unclear as to whether or not the alligators were local residents to begin with, or have travelled many miles to join us in our local community.While camping in the forests surrounding Mt. Ranier in Washington State, a local high school student has sworn in a write affidavit to have seen Bigfoot roaming around in the woods as well. He was, umtall, the student recalled, when pressed for flesh out on the subject. And kinda hairyFurther details will appear tonight on the six oclock news, when the teen, along with his parents and his lawyer, as well as members of the sheriffs department, will make a statement and reveal pictures that the teen took while on his expedition. No further searches are expected to take place from law enforcement for the tall, kinda hairy Bigfoot. earphone

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