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Discussion Questions Week 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Discussion Questions Week 5 - Essay ExampleThus, in come out to appreciate whether the quality of the product (which is often equated with the chemical content, presentation, and packaging) is met, knowledge of the statistical concepts and their application is crucial. I must admit that without attending this class, I entrust remain base of the use of statistics in addressing the concerns. Equipped with the knowledge and skill taught by my professor, I am confident to use the methods in ensuring that our meat processing plant will be successful in marketing high quality products by an everyday evaluation of whether quality goals are met.Regression analysis is a definitive statistical tool which is used to identify the relationship between variables. In conducting regression analysis, one needs to be aware of its basic principles and considerations. First, the sample from where the certainty prediction is to be generated must be a representative of the population. It should be n oted that this assumption is almost always a requirement for statistical tests. Secondly, the certified variable is subject to wrongful conduct which is assumed to be a random variable having a standard distribution. On the other hand, the independent variable is error free and the predictors should be linearly correlated.In the meat processing plant where I work, regression analysis can be utilized in order for the charge to know the relationship between the group of employees working for the meat processing plant and product quality. It should be noted that in my company on that point are two groups manning the 12-hour operation. Each of these groups takes 6 hours which is the amount of time needed for one batch of processing. Product of quality can be measured through with(predicate) the number of rejects and those which did not pass quality control. This regression analysis can point out if any of the group performs better and can help the management to reward and motivate

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