Friday, June 21, 2019

Phil Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Phil partnership - Research Paper ExampleAdvertising can also repair to the promotion by a firm or non personal presentation of the clubs products to its potential customers as well as the existing customers.This paper will discuss the publicise strategies employed by Phil Company and how they align with its marketing goals, how the company determines the effectiveness of its advertize strategies, the different promotional strategies used away from advertising, the best marketing research approaches that Phil Company uses to measure customer satisfaction and lastly how the company addresses gaps in customer expectation .In advertising, many companies place up with different strategies in order to provoke shoppers to purchase, obtain customer attention and even provoke shoppers to use a specific product. In this context, Phil Company has used many advertising strategies in order obtain customer attention and at the same time increase the sales volumes of their electronic produ cts. The company has used different ways of thinking in order to come up with catchy slogans to capture the customers and consumers attention. Its creative strategies have promoted personal selling, public relations, and publicity. The advertising techniques are powerful as they increase Phil Companys market share and at the same time edging out other firms and companies in the industry. The other advertising strategy used by Phil Company is offering lowest prices in the industry. This strategy has enabled the company to easily highlight its competitive benefits.The advertising strategies have aligned well with the marketing goals of Phil Company since the company has been able to implement and control its business activities and at the same time, the strategies have brought together the buyers and the customers in a mutual exchange of the products offered by the company.It is evident that measuring the effectiveness of advertising is not easy and sometimes it is very expensive espe cially

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