Friday, October 18, 2019

The European Economic Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The European Economic Community - Essay Example This resulted in the benefits of four freedoms namely, capital, labor, products and services to the European community. In subsequent years, the movement gathered momentum, and as the policies of liberalization and globalization started having bigger impacts on the world polity, the EEC saw more relevance for it. Stated objective of formation of EEC is of course protecting the economic interests, but the region has also learnt quite a few lessons from the history as well. Germany used to be a loose confederation of independent states till 1870. On January 18, 1871, these states united under a Prussian king who had the title â€Å"Kaiser, of the German Empire†. Bismarck was the first Chancellor or Prime Minister of the unified Germany. This resulted in gradual expansion of Germany and alternation of distribution of power within Europe and a new world order (Henig, 2002). This shift is balance of power made the group of nations like Britain, Russia and France together. Gradually the imperialistic urge started crossing the borders and entered into the African region. All such events led to the two world wars and massive devastation on all sides. Therefore, formation of a common platform is also the efforts towards averting the recurrence of such wars. The stated objectives for the EEC in clude2; The common commercial policies are an important step towards safeguarding the interests of the region particularly while dealing with the outside world. After the treaty of Rome, a need was being felt to serve the interests of the customs union with a Common Customs Tariff (CCT) to deal with the third parties. Established by Article 113 [133] of the Treaty of Rome, Common Commercial Policies therefore took shape in 1961 to safeguard the common interests of the EU nations3. This effectively meant that the EU region will act as one country while

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