Friday, October 18, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

Management - Essay Example These students need an appropriate place for completing their assignments and homework projects. In addition, need for friendly studying environment increases during examination period. Therefore, students remain in dire need of an appropriate environmental context to conduct their learning activities. University of Colorado at Denver usually has study rooms and library facilities. However, these rooms open their doors for a limited number of hours. Studies indicates that junior students would use approximately 15 hours, while senior students use 20 hours every week in class work preparations (Seung 89). In this context, it would be appropriate to consider development of a facility that provides a 24/7 study room services around the campus. The main objectives of this project include provision of a user-friendly learning environment for the student population. The first aim is to facilitate availability of a 350-student capacity study room within the facility. This space will accommo date a significant number of students all around the clock. Apart from individual study sections, the facility will have lounges meant for constructive discussions relating to learning processes. The project also takes into consideration the fact that modern learning processes requires utilization of electronic knowledge sources from the internet (Seung 46). Therefore, involved stakeholders will ensure that the UCD facility has fully equipped and operational computer laboratories. Apart from objectives of promoting academic learning, the project will enhance provision of a suitable social atmosphere for the students. This aspect of socialization will be addressed by installation of TV room with entertainment features. In addition, students will acquire employment opportunities through various management related vacancies within the facility. Addition of a snack vendor kiosk will facilitate generation of funds that can be used to improve service delivery within the facility. In gener al, integration of all these aspects within the project will serve the purpose of providing a satisfactory and cost effective environment for studying. Students who would prefer to conduct their learning activities at unconventional hours will benefit from this project. In this regard, facility management will ensure development of a sustainable secure atmosphere that will substantially increase studying time for the university students. In order to ensure objective development of a feasible project proposal, the concerned team will apply inherent efforts in involving relevant authorities in their respective roles. Relevant authorities within the project’s work structure would include the university’s administration. Relevant information needs to reach the campus management in a timely manner. In this case, timely provision of relevant data increases chances of project approval from the administration. Apart from the campus directorate, numerous logistical permits will be necessary during construction exercise. In this case, city authorities will play a significant role in enabling commencement of construction plans implementations. Timely provision of rational information should reach city officials in order to appraise the quality and validity of the project in meeting its objectives. This means that suitable communication techniques and channels will facilitate acquisition of relevant permits from city

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