Monday, May 18, 2020

The French Expression Jarrive

The French expression jarrive means Im on my way to wherever the listener might be (downstairs in the lobby, outside the building, at home, etc). Surprisingly, it can also mean Ill be right back, when youre already with someone and need to leave for a moment. In other words, it can be used whether or not youre actually face to face with the person youre talking to: both Im on my way there and Im on my way (back) here. Expression: JarrivePronunciation: [zha reev]Meaning: Im on my way, Ill be right there / down / out / backLiteral translation: Im arrivingRegister: normal Examples (Au tà ©là ©phone)- Salut Christophe, je suis devant limmeuble.- Daccord Hà ©là ¨ne, jarrive.(On the phone)- Hi Christophe, Im in front of the (your) building.- OK Hà ©là ¨ne, Im on my way, Ill be right out.(A linterphone)- Bonjour, cest le facteur. Jai un colis pour vous.- Merci, Monsieur, jarrive.(On the apartment entry phone)- Hello, its the mailman. I have a package for you.- Thank you, sir, Ill be right there/down.Houp, jai oublià © mon portefeuille - jarrive.Oops, I forgot my wallet - Ill be right back.A classic: you catch the waiters eye as he rushes past your table, and without slowing down, he says jarrive. While less common, its also possible to use other subjects, such asIl arrive - Hell be right here/there, Hes on his way.On arrive - Well be right there, Were on our way.

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