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Social Marketing Developing Positive Attitude

Question: Discuss about the Social Marketing for Developing Positive Attitude. Answer: Introduction This report is basically discussed about the communication plan of a non-profit organization. The report will mainly cover the services of organization with the literature support, objective of the campaign, target market, SWOT analysis, marketing mix and attention message for the customers. For the discussion, an Australian non-profit organization named Starlight Chldrens foundation has been taken. The topic of discussion is to Challenge a negative behavior or encourage a positive behavior towards the issue of homelessness. This non-profit organization helps and provides services to the homeless people. The organization helps the young people who are homeless or going to be homeless. It has been seen that the homelessness is becoming serious issue day by day in the Australian society. The reason of being homeless is domestic violence and family breakdown. It is impacting the lives of young people as they are being violent and losing their physical and mental health status. So, there is the need to address this issue for the good outcome in the future (Starlight Chldrens foundation, 2016). Literature support The non-profit organization can be understood as the type of organization which operates for the public interest in the society and enjoys the tax-free incentives in the market. Such kind of organizations spends their earnings on the wellbeing of the society and the people. They do not distribute their earnings among the people. There is the need of the organization like Starlight Chldrens foundation in the country as there are many critical situations in the society. The organization targets homeless people because homelessness is the serious issue in the Australian society now days. This situation is getting worse in the society as there is the lack of suitable housing for young people. The young people having the age of 12 to 14 are being homeless due to family breakdown and domestic violence. As the result, they are facing many issues such as disconnection with the family or friends, absence of feeling of security in the mind, and loss of basic requirements i.e. shelter, safety a nd food etc. People have to change their attitude towards their livings to prevent form the issue of homeless. It has been observed in a survey that the problem of homelessness is getting worse in 2016 as compared to last 20 years (Ritchie Weinberg, 2000). For this manner, organization is providing outreach services to those youth who have no homes. This kind of organization has significance in the society as it works for the interest of the public by acting as charity. Basically, it can be said about the non-profit organization that the organization that does not have the aim to make any kind of profit and serves for the public interest. The only aim of such kind of organization is the welfare of the society (Vessenes, 2003). The program/campaign focus The organization Starlight Chldrens foundation operates in the society same as its name. The organization helps those people who have no home. The organization provides many services to improve the lives of helpless people. Organization provides various services such as community ownership, mentoring, mobile youth outreach and wellbeing of the people in the society. The objective of the organization is to resolve family conflicts and remove the economic and financial burden from the people by the effective services (Alam, 2014). Based on the current situation of the society, there is the need to create the awareness about the negative behavior among the people. It is important for the people to understand that due to conflicts in the home and family breakdowns, children are facing negative impact. So, Starlight Chldrens foundation needs to conduct a communication campaign through social media. Today, almost every person is using social media. Providing message by the social media such as Facebook and Twitter, organization will be able to generate a safe environment for the children (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, Brennan, 2012). SWOT analysis SWOT analysis of non-profit organization is similar like the analysis of other organizations. There are many factors in the non-profit organization such as goodwill, helping staff, and fundraising that other organizations do not have. A non-profit organization shuld do SWOT analysis at the time of planning of communication campaign (Andreasen Kotler, 2003). The SWOT analysis of Starlight Chldrens foundation is as follows: One of the big strength the organization has is the tax exemption. The organization provides the services such as mobile outreach, mentoring etc, in which the customers do not pay and sales tax and service tax. Along with this, there are very helping staff in the stores of the organization. They are very helping in providing better quality of services to the needed people. So, helpful staff is very crucial part of the organization. Starlight Chldrens foundation always takes advantage by these factors as various types of employees are always ready to help the society (Basil, 2011). There is one of the weaknesses that the Starlight Chldrens foundation has. The weakness is that the organization hardly includes its expenses with revenue. So, there can be the organization related to budget. Along with this, Starlight Chldrens foundation needs more support from the government and charity. Further, there is limited number of staff so; it can be the cause of problem in maintaining the programs efficiently. Charity and the government support can be the opportunity for the organization to conduct the program. But it is very critical for the organization to find those donations and apply them. Along with this, collaboration with the other organization can be the better opportunity for the organization to create the awareness about the issues in the society. With this, the use of social media will also be useful for the organization. Sometimes, non-profit organization has to face many economic crises because they are dependent on the charity and government support. So, the stores of Starlight Chldrens foundation have to face many difficulties to operate the business. The organization should not be dependent on the support of others as future is uncertain. A small disgrace can damage the operations of the organization. There is one more threat of high poverty in the society (Basil, Deshpande, Runte, 2008). Appropriate target market Target market is the crucial factor in the creating communication message. Selecting appropriate target market would be helpful for the organization to understand the interests, needs, taste and hobbies of the customers. In case of Starlight Chldrens foundation, it is a non-profit organization. Non-profit organization does not have particular customers so; it has to find out the people in the society who want need. The organization will basically target the youth of the Australian society. Homeless is the serious issue in the community. So, the organization will mainly focus on young people having the age of 12 to 25. The organization will fulfill the basic requirements such as home, food and security. Along with this, the adults who are using social media also will be the target audience of the organization (Williamson, 2009). The Starlight Chldrens foundation is targeting the youth in the society. The main reason of targeting the youth is that they are the main pillar of the society. They need proper and right direction so that they would be able to live their lives without any pressure. So, the organization has the aim to provide the services so that they can grow in their lives with the safe and bright future. Along with this, consumers have psychological mindset. They always give preference to those services, in which they find stability. So, the organization will try to provide those services by which they will get stability in terms of home, shelter and basic requirements (Liao, Foreman, Sargeant, 2001). Product refers to those tangible ideas that can be provided by the company to help the customers. In the case of Starlight Chldrens foundation, the company is providing services to the people instead of products. The services are for the young people who are feeling helpless in the society due to being homeless. By providing shelter and basic necessities, organization will serve human beings in the society in Australia. Price should be such which can be afford by the target audience. In the case of profit organization, it can be in terms of money such as dollar or pound. But, in case of non-profit organization, it requires some intangible sources such as efforts, time, and engagement with the organization because the aim of the campaign is to increase the awareness about the issues of homelessness among the society. The campaign of the organization Starlight Chldrens foundation is about creating awareness with the social media so; it requires the time and effort from the target audience (Hill, Provost Volinsky, 2006). Place /Distribution It is clear that the organization Starlight Chldrens foundation is conducting a campaign for the society of Australia so that the children can get bright future. The organization will chose social media platform for the distribution of the information. Social media tool will be effective platform for the organization to create awareness about the issues that children are facing (Brace-Govan, Brady, Brennan Conduit, 2011). Online media can be used as the promotional platform for the campaign as the online marketing is the most popular tool for the marketing. It is assumed that the social media such as Youtube, facebook and Twitter will be used in the campaign. It is estimated that 55% market will be covered by Facebook, 22% market will be covered by Youtube and 22% will be covered by Twitter (Kaplan, Andreas Haenlein, 2010). In the message, the information regarding campaign will be provided. For the safe and secure future of the children, there is the need to create effective communication message for the target audiences. The aim of the organization is to create the awareness about the issues of homelessness among the target audience. The campaign will have a unique message i.e. encourage a positive behavior (providing safe environment to children). In this campaign, the message will be send to the target customers by various tools such as email, facebook, and Twitter. Along with this, public relations will also be used to get the feedback about the campaign (Courtney, 2002). Evaluate the effectiveness of message The organization Starlight Chldrens foundation provides services to the society as the organization knows that once the people perceive the services good, they will always give preference to the services of the organization. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign by proper monitoring. By monitoring before campaign, mid of the campaign and after campaign, organization will be able to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign process. By the feedback from the customers, and direct talk with the people organization will be able to know that campaign is successful in its campaign objective or not (Kerr Patti, 2002). Conclusion This report is basically a communication plan for encouraging positive behavior towards the issue of homelessness in Australia. From the analysis, it has been observed that non-profit organization has importance in the society as it works for the interest of the public by acting as charity. Such kind of organizations spends their earnings on the wellbeing of the society and the people. They do not distribute their earnings among the people. So, there is the need of the organization like Starlight Chldrens foundation in the country as there are many critical situations in the society. References Alam, M.M., (2014). Market Orientation and Innovation: Are They Related Concepts: International Journal of Trends in Economics Management and Technology. 3(6). pp. 1721. Andreasen, A.R. Kotler, P., (2003). Strategic Marketing for Non-profit Organizations. NJ: Prentice-Hall. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., Brennan, R., (2012). Marketing : An Introduction. Pearson Prentice-Hall, London, London Basil, D.Z, Deshpande, S. Runte, M., (2008). 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