Tuesday, November 26, 2019

buy custom Free Case Study Sample about Nurses Performance

buy custom Free Case Study Sample about Nurses Performance Issues wich Have a Significant Impact on Nurses Performance Introduction Numerous issues affect the nurses and they have a significant impact on their performance. For instance, the feeling of powerlessness has a negative impact on the ability of nurses to be competent in care services provision. As a result, they face moral dilemmas as well as burnouts, which affect their performance. In order to understand the aspect of powerlessness in the nursing profession, current paper delves into the issue through two scenarios. The first scenario relates to an emergency department whose nurse manager is facing problems after there has been an increase in the turn-over rate, as well as, poor morale. The majority of employees state that the reason for quitting their jobs is a feeling of powerlessness. In the second scenario, there is an intention to make policies related to governance models, and it has to involve the nurses through asking them questions. Current paper aims at offering an in-depth response to the scenarios, and providing critically analyzed answers .

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