Sunday, August 11, 2019

Medieval Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Medieval Philosophy - Essay Example In his illustrious Proslogion, Anselm longs for seeing the holy face of the Lord, which is, according to the Abrahamic mythology, impossible to do in this life on the earth. Consequently, idea about God can only be conceived and imagined, instead of seeing the countenance of the Lord. The theologian further expands his notion by stating the very fact that though the concept of God is much greater than human power to conceive, it does not put His existence in doubt altogether. Moreover, since God cannot be seen, but can be understood and imagined, it is somewhat a vehemently difficult thing to believe in someone unseen because of the deficient mental and physical faculties attributed to the human beings at large. Somehow, the fool would, according to Anselm, take the concept of God as an illusory matter in nature, which could only be supposed because of the characteristic of His concept, existing in the minds of the people only rather maintaining any reality in its scope. Since God has been in the fool’s understanding since long, but having no clear picture and image related to Him, the fool can understand His concept in the same manner as he conceives about the unreal objects that have no real existence in the world. Thus, having belief in the (Supreme) Being, unable to be conceived, is hard nut to crack for the fool.

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